Disease tests, modernized
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Know why you’re sick

Swab your nose, drop off your sample, have your results in a few hours.
Disease results in your hands. You and your physician can discuss what treatments make sense for you. With yuFlu, you receive rapid results over a highly secure network.

Your Health

Disease results, directly. You receive rapid results over a highly secure network from yuFlu, giving the person that knows the most about their health, you, the information you need.


Disease database. Like the weather, disease forecasts will be determined for the community. This allows us to know if schools should be closed, vaccines distributed or other public health actions taken.


Disease network. Real-time community disease patterns can be shared among our worldwide network. Shared data enables up-to-date travel advisories and the prevention of the international spread of disease. .


Meet The Team

Creating simple modern disease detection
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Hi all

I am Dawn - an entrepreneur, epidemiologist, and molecular biologist.

Dawn Verdugo
Co-founder, CEO
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Hello there

I am Paul - a developer, designer, bioinformaticis, and polar bear dog enthusiast.

Paul Mangiamele, Ph.D.
Co-founder, CTO
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Hi, I'm Katya - I am thinking about Marketing and Sales for yuFlu!

Katya Chuykova, MBA
Marketing Strategy Consultant
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Hi, I'm Tetsuya - I am leading lab studies at yuFlu

Tetsuya Kawamura, Ph.D.
Chief Lab Scientist

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